About Me


My Mother knew I was always up to something if it had to do with earning extra income. I packed bags in the neighborhood supermarket for tips and learned how to cut hair for extra cash. My mom was a single mother who dedicated her life to working and providing for my brother and I. I will never be as strong as she was even if I think I will. I have her work ethic, her grit, her sense of humor and NOSE. She never quit. My mother was all about making people happy and made it her business to put smiles on peoples faces. I think I have a bit of that too, I try my best to do that with my business and with potential clients I come in contact with. As I sit here crying while typing this I know she’s looking down on me wondering what the heck I’m doing up so early. Ma, I’m doing the same thing you taught me to do which is “work hard”.

I miss you so much…..

R.I.P Edith Faye Flowers (1942-2018)

My Father would be so proud of the little hobby I picked up that I turned into a business with hopes that one day I can pass down to my child. He wasn’t around to see or hear of the journey but knowing the kind of man he was I know I’m doing the right thing.

R.I.P John Ramsey (1941-1993)