Photos from MSK's 1st Annual Picnic/ Fulton Park Bklyn

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We're talking about good eats, beautiful children and hopscotch... That's right, I said it... HOPSCOTCH......!!! Rumors has it that there was to be a game of tug of war to be played but nobody wanted to get any calluses from that rope and I don't blame them because my hands cringed at the site of it. The kids played in the park, the water sprinkler and there were just too many smiles on the faces of everyone. DID I MENTION THE WONDERFUL WEATHER.....??

The music was playing, the cameras were flashing and everyone looked to be having an all out good time. I can't wait until next year, matter of fact.... tug of war will be played next go around and I will be supplying everyone with gloves... Okay, enough of me cyber blabbing... here are the photos.