Justin Bua @ The House Of Art/ Brooklyn NYC

HOA_NOV12th_ 99

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This photography thing is kind of cool, getting the opportunity to take pictures of people that are living legends. I was given the opportunity to shoot Justin Bua @ The House Of Art, shout out to my man Richard Beavers for giving me the job. Man, the House Of Art was PACKED... there were at least 85-95 people in there and that's TIGHT... Justin Bua is a living legend like I said, I actually have the DJ piece he did in my bathroom. I know you're like "Why is it in your bathroom?"... Art belongs everywhere and for some reason that's the only place I could put it when I copped it years ago. Any way, I'm just rambling but the HOA and JB hosted the unveiling of the "Legends Of Hip Hop" Art Exhibition. I mean, from Slick Rick, Nas, Jaz-Z and the evening show stopper.... CHRISTOPHER WALLACE/ BIGGIE SMALLS. Justin Bua has done great pieces on all of these legends and soon someone is going to be painting one of him because he's a legend himself... Did I miss anything...