Photo Shoot w/ Hellz Yea (Brooklyn NYC)

Hellz Yea_ 2

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Big up to a good dude, Hellz Yea. Exactly, that's this emcees name. It's "Hellz Yea". Yeah, I said the same that.. that's a dope ass name. I mean the shoot was fun, we hit a couple locations out in Bushwick and Bed-Stuy. It was cold as shit that day too.. My hands were so numb, oh... and my diffuser umbrella blew half way down the block with the wind hittin us at damn near 40mph out there... These are just a few photos, I didn't want to give everything away. I'm actually not even finished with his shoot, we're going to finish it off today. I need to hurry up and put the studio together right now while I'm blogging but, hey... that's what I got a blog for right...? Lol

A very talented artist I may say, from the music on down to the production. Take some time out and take a listen. Below you'll find his contact info.

Hellz Yea! Game Time Entertainment Artist/Producer 347.446.1176