Press Shoot w/ Hip Hop artist "Hellz Yea"

  Hellz Yea_ 9

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I can't front, I had a good time shooting this artist. He was cool, and very easy to work with which isn't normal when it comes to rappers/ hip hop artists. I know that from working on the set of hip hop videos, but never the less.... Hellz Yea made me re-consider how I felt. It was straight business from our initial meeting up until the end of this 2 session shoot. I'm hoping he uses some of the pictures on his upcoming CD releases. Keep ya fingers crossed y'all.... SUPPORT GOOD HIP HOP.....!!!!!

A very talented artist I may say, from the music on down to the production. Take some time out and take a listen. Below you’ll find his contact info.

Hellz Yea! Game Time Entertainment Artist/Producer