Sheena Bell/ 5th Look

I'm supposed to be shooting at a party tomorrow night that already has a photographer on board. I hope I don't cause any conflict, I wonder what this guy's getting paid Vs. what I'm being offered. Hopefully I see him, this way I can pull him to the side. Oh, where was I...? My bad, I reached out to another young lady who has a face that belongs in pictures.

She kind of reminded me of Amber Rose with the rounded/ almond shaped head with the short... short haircut. A very attractive young lady, I'm supposed to meet up with her on Monday to go over the particulars and we'll try and shoot next Sunday. I'll keep you guys posted. The photo in the post of Ms. Sheena Bell, well... I'm posting it because it happens to be one of my favorites and I haven't posted anything in a while... Oh, look out for the photos I capture at the party tomorrow night. I'm sure they are going to be crazy because there will be crazy people attending the event.