Can't wait until my food stamps come in

Just imaging how awesome that camera body would look in my hand... Man, I had a dream about the Nikon D7000 lastnight. What kind of freaky ish is that...? What happened was, I went to Adorama to buy a used lens and I spoke with one of the sales rep about the body. I knew a few things about it because of the videos I've seen on it, the magnesium alloy body, the 39 focus points, the built in auto focus SO IF I WOULD HAVE HAD THAT BODY I COULD HAVE KEPT MY 50mm f1.8 NIKKOR LENS THAT I SOLD TO SOME DUDE FROM CRAIGSLIST, the ability to shoot video in 1080p which I could really care less about but hey... you never know. Oh, and the dual SC card slots. That's some hot ish right there. If y'all know any crackheads or boosters selling a Nikon D7000 give me a shout... Enough snow out there for ya.....?