Photoshoot with the ever so gorgeous "Irene Dominguez"


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Wow, what an awesome shoot this was.. I'm talking about everything from the equipment, the set ups, the looks, the make up and of course.. the talent. Shout out to Raven Jones, good lookin out with the help and all that you did to assist Irene & I on the shoot.

I'd have to think Irene had modeled before, and I think she lied to me when she said "no" but it's all good. She has a great look, a great personality and a face that belongs in pictures. The back story on how I met Irene is very stalker/ craigslist killah like, but I have to do what I have to do. Okay, here's the quick version. Saw a few pictures of her on a mutual friends facebook page, I inquired via the friend, didn't hear back in time so I reached out to her myself, we traded facebook notes, met up for coffee (WHICH I DON'T DRINK ANY LONGER), introduced her to Shake Shack & Five Guys where we ended up having lunch, 6 days after that... WE BEGAN SHOOTING...!!! Dope story right....??