Flash #4 is on its way, damn... I need more batteries.

Yep, while slowly pulling away from using my soft box I thought it was only right to back fill it with another hot shoe flash. That flash is the "Yongnuo Manual Flash YN460-II". It's NON TTL, but it gets the job done. Trust me, I own 2 of them already. In this day and age, with trying to go green I figure I'll leave the electrical lights alone. Well, for now since my studio is my kitchen and my beautiful wife pays the utilities so... HI BABY....!!! (I know she's reading this). Let's see, if it ships here from Hong Kong by Friday I'll be good because I have a photo shoot on Saturday morning. You ask why Hong Kong....? Well, I love Gadget Infinity and I think that's just where they ship from as well as where they are located. Another photographer asked me how come I don't use Nikon flashes like the SB-600 with my Nikon body for off camera shooting/ studio shoots and I had to explain to him that I really don't find a difference in the results, I guess it depends on how much money I feel like spending. I mean, I do have an SB-600, but I only use that while shooting events. Any way, just thought I'd announce the studio upgrade. I'll have some new images for y'all next week... "John Flowers - Photographer" For All Your Photograpy Needs Phone: (917) 459 - 3272 Email: mrflowersphotos@gmail.com Web: http://johnflowersphotos.com/ Blog: http://mrflowersphotos.wordpress.com/