Cause The Greatest Rapper Of All Time Died On March 9th

I'd say possibly one of the best to ever do it, because I personally believe the greatest rapper of all time is still alive. Biggie Smalls was definitely a favorite to everyone I grew up around, and his legacy lives on. He did things for the art form a lot of rappers were probably scared to do. From the collaborations/ features that he did, to some of the beats he'd use. I think he was the type that respected tradition, but wasn't afraid to try something new. Today marks the 14th Year Anniversary to the day we lost Mr. Christoper Wallace to gun violence. I know I missed a good ass set by Hot .97's Mister Cee but I know Cee did his thing because he always does when it comes to celebrating Biggies life in music.

Canibus said it best when dissing LL Cool J on "2nd Round K.O"

"It's about who strikes hardest, not who strikes first. That's why I laugh when I hear that wack ass verse. That s__t was the worse ryhme I've ever heard in my life, cause the greatest rapper of all time died on March 9th./ God bless his soul, rest in peace kid. See it's because of him now at least I know what BEEF is."

R.I.P Christopher Wallace, we will always miss you...