Happy Anniversary To My Wife & I......? Again.....?

She's probably going to give me the stink eye when she reads the post title but let me explain. Yesterday, March 29th marked the day I proposed to my wife 5 years ago. We celebrated the evening by taking on dinner, drinks and entertainment at The Sugar Bar. Although we didn't stay long enough to witness the open mic segment, we were very entertained by the sounds of Ms. Alyson Williams. The food was fantastic and the coupon I used was even better, I know that sounds like some cheap ish that Cedric The Entertainer would pull on The Steve Harvey Show but hey... savings are savings. I'll run it down for ya, 2 appetizers, 2 entress, 2 drinks, a bottle of wine and tickets for the show...... the bill at the end of the night, only$65 bucks. Now I'll be god damned, tell me we didn't get over lastnight. Now if those aren't savings, then I don't know what the hell savings are.....

Alyson Williams was very entertaining, I've never heard of her before but her sound was a Blues laced sound that had everyone "especially the women" clapping, holding their hands up and agreeing. She was awesome though, I can't front. We even purchased her CD at the end of her performance. For more information on Alyson Williams refer to this Wikipedia page, I couldn't find a website. You'll also find some Amazon.com links below:

Amazon Link

I'll holla....!!!!