Noisemaker Media: Photo By Mr. John Flowers

Okay, I am a part of this crew but you wouldn't know because I'm not in the photo. I'm sure another one will surface soon with me actually in it but you'll have to wait and see. All jokes aside, I've been working with Noisemaker Media for at least 2 years now and have done everything on the set of a music video production from Production Assistant, Behind The Scenes Photographer, Key Grip to Best Boy. From Left to Right we have: Venemous (Grip), Chris Cofer (Assistant Camera), Mark Carranceja (Founder & Director), Luis Valbuena (Production Manager and Sales Director), Justin Denmark (Key Grip), and Malik Honor (Behind The Scenes Cam & Grip)

All together, it was a very long day on the set of the last shoot and like I mentioned earlier... I'm sure a few more photos will surface, but maybe not until all of the release forms have been signed and or addressed. Wow, I can't believe I was out in The Bronx at 6:45AM Saturday morning.

Shout out to my Noisemaker Media crew,