Kids Karaoke @ Rustik Tavern (Saturday Apr. 23rd)


Kids Karaoke_13 by MrFlowersPhotos Kids Karaoke_13, a photo by MrFlowersPhotos on Flickr.

These kids were gettin it in @RustikTavern this past Saturday. I was just at Rustik the night before, I think I spend way too much time there. It’s a home away from home I tell ya. Stopped in to take a few pictures of the kids doing there thing, I’ve honestly never heard of “kids karaoke” until Frantz told me he was doing that. I usually associate karaoke with drunk grown ups but it was actually nice to see the kids do it… I really wanted to hear one of them do the "uncensored" version of Ceelo Greens song.. That would have been hilarious.....