It's been a long time..... (c) Rakim

Yep,  it has and I'll tell you why... This hobby/ whatever I want to call it at the time has come to a stand still. I think part of the reason is something I learned early from interviews I've had with other photographers. I don't think people want to pay & if they do, they don't want to pay the price that the job "plus" my time actually costs......!!! That can or cannot be the reason I haven't done anything in a while but I'll elaborate. A few people have reached out to me for a specific job, whether it's baby photos, covering a party or head shots. I give them the price and I never hear back from them. I'll routinely check that persons facebook page and will notice pictures/ images that are pretty much close to what they had originally requested a price from me for. I learned this from 2 photographers I interviewed and at the time I had no interest in photography but it's funny how that same story relates. Shout out to Richard Louissaint and Corren Conway. Now, I do things for free from time to time when I need to test out new equipment but come on now.... I missed all 3 of you guys reading this by the way, but I'M BACK....!! So, stay tuned..