Remember when guinea pigs were reliable....?

There was a time where people would do anything for a free ride and stop me if I'm moving too fast. Okay, I purchased some new equipment for my alleged studio and needed a couple test dummies to try this stuff out on. I don't think my wife is tired of standing in for me but sometimes I want to leave her alone so she can finish her homework and the billion other things she does around the house and the community. *WINKS @ WIFE* Here's how it went, the equipment I wanted to test out is *%@*#`*@. I'll leave it like that because I don't want y'all to know what I be using. Might try to bite my style or something.... So, I book 2 folks for the day so I can get it crackin. Boom, I spend an hour or so setting up my studio with back drop, lights, light stands, tripod and all the other stuff I need to make this happen. It's a lot of work setting up especially when you're shooting out of a studio like mine. And if you've ever been to my studio, y'all know what I'm talking about... Okay, so after all that blood, sweat and tears my only goal is to produce some high quality images.

Test dummies get the same treatment a paid gig would call for and that's quality work and a full belly, that's right... I have Craft Services (sike) bring out food and drink so we can have a productive photo shoot. That's hot right....? No it's not, especially when both test dummies cancel on you at the 11th hour. CLICK HERE ---->>>(Insert Price Is Right Losing Horn)  Exactly, that's how the rest of the day went for me. Sucks right...!! If I'm not mistaken, I think my lovely wife even offered to help me break everything down after setting up for nothing. How sweet was that......? I'm still mad as hell though, but I know this weekend will be a lot more productive.

Stay tuned.....