LOLWHF (Week #2)

Big up to Hadiyah Robinson and the work she's putting in. I had a good time at the Speakeasy.... Don't worry sis, the master plan is being thought of as I type this. If you guys haven't been to The Speakeasy, I gotta tell you this... the food is amazing and I only had a salad there. My wife and I are actually going back there tonight for dinner. Now, back to the lovely Hadiyah Robinson and LOLWHF. LOLWHF is a weekly comedy series taking place every Tuesday night at 9PM, I missed the first week but if you love and support good comedy you probably need to get yo ass on down there because some of the best I've seen in a minute performed there and if you know Hadiyah and what she brings to the stage then you know every week will be a showcase you'll be talking and laughing about for weeks. (Damn, that was a long ass sentence)