Am I losing my memory or WHAT.....!!??!!

Okay, so I get all geared up. I have all the batteries charged, camera bag is all set and ready. I'm headed to The Speakeasy for the 4th installment of #LOLWHF hosted by my good pal Hadiyah Robinson. I get my gear bag in the car, start the engine up and I'm off to go shoot this weekly event that I'm dedicating myself to as far as photography coverage. It is actually my Tuesday night get away.... I drive all the way there to find out I left my cameras memory card home still stuck inside of my PC. I have 3 freakin memory cards and none of them are in my camera bag, they are all on my computer desk back at the crib. Oh well, I sat in as a spectator lastnight and watched/ listened to some of the funniest comics and had a great time. Wasn't happy with myself for forgetting to check to see if my memory card was in the camera before I left, but from what I hear it happens... I'll be there next week tuesday November 15th though so if you're anticipating attending which you should I suggest you wear something decent because you will be shot at. Not with a gun, but by my camera. Don't miss the next installment of #LOLWHF. It's another blazing hot lineup of hilarity hosted by the Fabulously Funny Hadiyah Robinson (@hadiyah) featuring comedians you've seen on Comedy Central, HBO, BET and more.

Showtime 9p Admission ONLY $5 C,G train to Clinton/Washington Party reservations call 718-230-3520 Full Dinner menu available.

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