It's my first year anniversary.... (Yay....!!!)

Actually, I'm off by a month but it's been a year that I've been in business for myself as a freelance photographer. I wanted to make a little extra income on the side so I figured I'd corporate my photography business. I logged on the internet and obtained an EIN number, registered my corporations name and then ran to the bank and created a business account. I didn't know what I was thinking, I didn't know I'd spend more money than I would actually take in. An associate of mine who "played" with cameras told me that photography is a very expensive hobby. Not only do you have to put out dollars for camera equipment, you in some/ most cases have to also put out for hair/ make up and such. Especially for a cat like me just getting started and trying to create a portfolio. It's been very expensive, I can't even lie BUT I like the craft so much that I'm willing to keep investing in my future or where ever this takes me. (Note: I've always played with cameras, knew what I was doing with one to some extent.. just never looked at making a business out of it.)

I've learned a lot in my first year as a business, i've learned to avoid trying to make every shoot a pay day. That you have to do some on the house things to get your foot in the door. That you don't need thousand dollar equipment to make million dollar images. That you will encounter people that hope you'll work a job 5 hours for FREE99. That with photography comes learning Photoshop and other picture editing software programs. That you and everybody else has a camera now. That Canon is better than Nikon, allegedly. That craigslist can be your savior. That you have to file taxes as a business owner. That you never stop learning. That you will spend a lot of time in and out of Adorama and B&H. That a photo shoot can take up to 5 hours or and entire day. Man, there's so much other stuff but I'm getting so sick of the word "That"... I don't want to continue with it. Oh, that you can set up your studio, bust your ass getting the set up all ready with lights, assistant and everything else you'll need for when your subject/ talent/ model shows up..... that they can actually cancel on you at the last minute. This has actually happened to me 2 weekends in a row and I was so pissed. I laugh about it now because it's just part of what I decided to get myself involved in. Anyways, wish me luck as I enter year number 2.

I personally want to thank my wife for seeing the potential in me, some time ago she said that I was way too talented to just be working a 9-5 job with all the skills I have. I jumped into this photography thing and have never looked back, thanks for inspiring me baby. You are the reason I decided to take this thing serious....

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