217 views y'all, I had the internet going nuts......!!!

I'm actually very excited that this blog of mine got that many views yesterday, I mean... if I could get that much work as a photographer that would be even better but that's another story. I don't know, it felt good to keep seeing the number grow. At one point I didn't think it would surpass the 200 mark but I got lucky. My blog isn't really poppin like that, I'm nowhere near important in the blogoshphere. I just gave out a lot of business cards and told each person that inquired where to find pictures I took of them. Ah, the good feeling is gone now and it's back to reality. Anyways, if you love me and this grind i'm on take some time to celebrate amongst yourself the number "217". Hopefully it's as big to you as it was to me or maybe you just don't give a damn... Who knows....??