Gimme Some Head.... shots

So, I wanted to test out a new lighting technique for head shots and I became familiar with something I could handle. I got a new light (from now on I’m not telling anybody what I’m using) and all along with some 1/4 & 1/2 CTO gels. All I needed was a subject, so I put out a casting call on Model Mayhem for 2-3 models between the hours of 2PM-5PM. All is good, I get a few that hit me up not understanding what “between the hours of 2PM-5PM means but it’s all good. That’s the nature of not reading all the way through. I get an inquiry from a young lady from Jersey City, she’s game and she’s good with the hours I need her. I also get a call from another young lady from Jersey City but she was one of the few that thought I was shooting all day so unfortunately it didn’t work for her. Long story short, after my model gets here and we get all comfortable with one another I ask her about some weird area codes in New Jersey. I told her I got a call from another young lady with a name I couldn’t pronounce who sounded just like her on the phone. I showed her the weird phone number on my phone. Turns out it was her older sister… LMAO You guys aren’t going to think the story is that funny but I was cracking the hell up, how crazy is that? Both sisters are pretty much trying to make it in the modeling game and when opportunities come about they go for them. Anyways, the shoot went well. I do see a flaw in some of the images, I have to go back to the drawing board to see how I may have missed something and how I can fix them in camera and not in post. I think the images came out pretty strong for the most part, the model has decent catch lights in her eyes and hopefully she’ll land a gig or two off of images I shot.... Shout out to model Onyeka, and so sorry you made it to class late that evening..