Child photography...

There's something so precious about kids that I just love, I don't know if it's their sense of humor or the simple fact that their so innocent. I haven't shot too many children but have had a blast with the few that have stepped in front of my lens. I really need to remember to jot down my camera settings once I've gotten the shot/ exposure that I want, I know if my wife's reading this she's subconsciously calling me a big dummy for always forgetting.. As far as my lovely subject Logan, her mom reached out to me because Logan has model aspirations. She needed some head shots and we made it happen. I really like Logan so on the back end I've been doing my own little due diligence to see how some of these other adorable kids get put on because I can REALLY see it in Logan. I can see it now, the photographer responsible for starting the career of a former child model who is now a super model. Did I just have a dream....? *Scratches Head* I took my studio all to way to New Jersey to capture my subject and did a re-shoot of the images I originally shot with the white seamless as the back drop. For the second go around I begged mom and Logan to come to Brooklyn because lugging all that stuff from one state to the next isn't easy. If you only knew how much equipment goes into setting up the ideal head shot session. Maybe you do, I don't know... Maybe I use too much equipment, who knows?

List of what I use during a head shot session:

  • Background support system
  • Seamless paper (Depending on whether it's in or outdoors)
  • Beauty dish
  • Reflector
  • V Flats (Shout out to Sean Armenta)
  • (4) Speed lights
  • Camera body
  • Tripod

I'm pretty sure there's some other stuff I pull out but I'm drawing a blank all of a sudden.

What I want to put out there has a certain look and that's how I gave you the image attached to this thread which happens to be one of my favorites from the shoot....

A big thank you to mom & Logan, there's at least 2 images from the shoot that will instantly be added to my portfolio after I've done what's needed in post. Just added "Child Photographer" to my resume that quick...