Party Rock Is In The House Tonight....!! (Song sucks tho)

Shooting at parties/ events can be sometimes hit or miss depending on the atmosphere and more importantly the characters in the play. It's something I like to watch develop before I even pull my gun out of the holster or in my case pull my camera out of the camera bag. I like to case the joint, look for the action, searching for the party starters and stay close to the live wires. I even like to get to the event an hour into it and just post up at the bar and observe if given the opportunity. Some pictures I take at events can have the feel as if I was shooting at a funeral and others can look like it was the event you and everyone else should have been at. It's run and gun, it's quick paced and it's all focus and staying alert. Shout out to my Gary Fong Lightsphere too by the way, I was in the transition of working solely with the Rogue Flash Benders but to some point I'm a lazy photographer and I hate adjusting for certain shots especially at parties & events. I like one setting, one picture and on to the next. Wish I could do that with pictures I take of women, they stay wanting to see the back of my camera like it's their personal photo shoot. Telling me which photo to keep and which one to delete. "Oh, I don't like that one.. my stomach is poking out too much". Are you serious lady...?

The picture in the window of this entry stands out to me big time because you don't really ever see 2 guys having this much fun at a party. Am I lying....? I could have posted one of the other pictures of guys from this same party that all had the look on their faces as if they were just home from serving a 14 year prison sentence.  I could have posted one of the back to the camera, over the shoulder look, all too familiar poke out the booty shots the ladies give me when they see the lens I'm working with. BOING...!!!!

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