Coupon Suzy Style.... 50% Off Head shots

It was only right to raise my photography prices once my investments in it became a lot more than what I have been making. I don't think I'll ever get rich doing this but it does help me Super Size my order once in a while at McDonald's. I decided to drop my head shot price for the entire Presidents Day weekend, and not that my studio/ kitchen will be flooded with clients I can always dream can't I...? Long story short, head shots are only $180.00 throughout Presidents weekend beginning Saturday Feb. 18th thru Monday Feb. 20th. I know the flier attached says thru "Feb. 21st" but that was a typo, I'll actually  be at my day job that Tuesday BUT if I happen to get a call or email regarding that day I'll take on the task. I think I will... The 3 of you that are reading my blog right now are asking "well, what do I get for $180.00?". I'll let you know right now...

  • An hour long session
  • (2) looks
  • Unlimited photos
  • electronic contact sheets
  • (2) retouched images

I think that's damn fair for $180.00, don't you...? You might ask "well, are you going to give me a CD with all of the pictures on it?". The answer to that is "No", all the pictures from your shoot will be emailed to you including the (2) you'd like retouched. If you want them on a CD that's an additional charge along with any additional images you might want retouched other than the (2) you get with this steal of a deal. Visit my website at and read the testimonials on my homepage. You'll see why everybody and their mama wants me to be the photographer that shoots their head shots...