Oh, I tried to wait on the Nikon D600 but settled for the D7000

I purchased a new camera body about a month or so ago after months of waiting to see what the price would be for the new Nikon D600. Rumors had it that it would be less that 2 grand and it was the first affordable full frame. I was being patient about it but had my eyes on the very affordable Nikon D7000 but figured for $500 more bucks why not go full frame but when the D600 finally came out it was actually a little more that $2,000.00 and financially I wasn't ready to do those numbers. I ran down to B&H, that's where I go when I cheat on Adorama. I ran down there and copped the body and a nifty fifty, a 50mm f1.4 which I said I'd get to begin taking pictures of my son and it's come in so handy. I love the camera and I can't wait to begin shooting more with it. I haven't taken it with me to any of the NYC nightclubs I shoot at yet and don't think I will. Eff that, these clowns stay bumping into me and spilling drinks on me while in the nightclub and I'm not destroying my new camera. Oh, and not to mention the people that need to physically touch my camera while looking at the back of my LCD screen to see if they approve of their photos. Canon who.....?