My Wife, My Son & My My My (c) Johnny Gill

DSC_0255 (800 x 518)I've been trying to create this post since the May 13th but couldn't get around to it, this was my wife's first Mother's Day and I wanted to make it special by shooting her and her favorite little guy in a portrait along the lines of one I was inspired to re-create. Yes, creativity is often duplicated. Something has to inspire you. Well, what inspires me is being able to capture raw fun and emotion in portraits and having my wife act it out is one thing but that emotion you see in my sons face is all to real. I took about 16 frames and finally got the one I thought was it. It was a one light set up with a WHOLE BUNCH OF AMBIENT coming in from our living room window. I wanted them to be dressed the same so the image would have that focus, your eyes are basically drawn in... right? My little guys is getting heavy and after a couple minutes my wife was already wondering when the heck was the shoot gonna be over because her arms were hurting. Lmao