I want to blog more often but I just can't, sh*t...!!

Steve_Tim_15I don't know how to do it from my phone and I don't want to begin learning, it's already annoying seeing people look over your shoulder when you're checking your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram timelines. For me to run downstairs to my basement every night to put the finishing touches on an edit to finally have something to blog about takes at least an hour to an hour and a half and who has that time when there's a baby to play with, dinner to eat, clothes to fold and dishes to wash...? (DON'T WORRY BABY, I WILL FINALLY FOLD THOSE CLOTHES TONIGHT) Is that why David Hobby and other bloggers I follow don't update their blogs on a daily basis...? Okay, I promise to make at least 3 blog entries a week going forward. I'll do a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.... how's that....? Lol, anyway.. this upcoming Sunday June 2nd is a big day for me as a photographer/ business/ brand. I step into a genre of work I've been wanting to entertain for a long time, well... it's along the lines of that genre but on a smaller scale but any scale will do right now. Anything that keeps me consistent will do... Okay, so let me get back to watching Sue Bryce and recreating my portrait photography price list. Oh, I almost forgot to mention to 2 beautiful little girls in the attached posting. Their names are Nava & Tova, they are the daughters of the couple I will be shooting on June 2nd. The image came about as I was prepping my camera settings for a family portrait I was there to get. I thought it was so cute watching these little girls, they said they were checking their email.. Lol, you gotta love that..