Look Mama, I Made It......!!!

02KOZUCH-articleLargeA lot of photographers have goals and some don't, one of my goals was to become a decent all around photographer as fast as I possibly could under a certain budget. I mean, I've blown that budget out the door 4 times over but I've learned that photography is one of the most expensive hobbies. Everything from white balancing to correct shutter speeds mean everything in your final composition and it's not an easy thing to master especially for someone like myself who only does photography part time. I've done a lot as far as photographing celebrities, shooting at parties, head shots, portraits, model shoots and everything else you can name. I have also been published in a few local periodicals. My most recent accomplishment trumps everything else for I have been published in The New York Times, yes... The New York Times. I was hired to shoot a portrait session a couple weeks ago for a couple that had been tapped by the Times in regards to featuring them in the Sunday Styles "Weddings/ Celebrations" section of the paper. I heard about the potential of actually being published and I went for it. 02KOZUCHjpg-popupA week later, minutes before shooting their actual wedding I hear that I made the cut. I was handed the paper and to my surprise my name was/ is printed directly under (2) photographs like this "JOHN FLOWERS". Yes, that's me.....!!!! I've come a long way, a lot of hard work and determination, studying and practicing. People ask, well what's next? I don't know, monetarily this credit doesn't mean anything for me... It's just one of those short term goals that I can check off my list and I don't even think being published was one of them. Lol, I need to find that list. All jokes aside, I want to thank Stephen & Tim for allowing me this opportunity to showcase my talent. Had a wonderful portrait session with them and had a blast shooting their wedding this past Sunday. You guys may have done something for the business side of my company, I will indeed keep you posted. I might even start reading the New York Times now.

I made it y'all, follow your interest and dreams... you just never know.... Did I even tell my mother yet....?