"Suck it up like a straw, and jump on the dance floor,

Curves__3Cuz every time I step in the jam, I make like a door and slam....!!" (c) Lord Jamar. Yeah, I was doing a little work/ introduction out on Staten Island and the host of the event was legendary rap artist/ actor Lord Jamar of the Brand Nubian. If you've never heard of neither one then you must have lived under a rock through the 90's when Hip Hop was golden. It was good being amongst a dude like that, hung out in the VIP with him and the other hosts that evening. It was an all out good time. The story behind me shooting at the actual location goes back to Instagram and a relationship I created with another user. He invited me down although he already had event photography that night but I think if the promoter is smart he'll know the difference between some dude that has a camera Vs. what I can produce. Not bragging or anything, the photographer there was doing his thing to say the least but he didn't look like he was a shooters shooter... I'm beginning to sound like a nerd right...? Anyway, the spot was/ is "Curves Gentleman Club"... yes, it's a strip club that has a networking event every Sunday night called "Big Show Sunday's" and I've shot at strip clubs before so it wasn't new to me. I know you're not supposed to take pictures of the talent/ strippers unless they want their photo taken so you pretty much get shots of the regulars that come on out to enjoy a good show. Every now and then you'll catch a stripper in a shot off in the background but hey, she wasn't the focus. I didn't take too many images, for I didn't want to step on any toes, I'm just going to wait for this promoters call to see what his budget is like for photography and whether I'll take the job on every Sunday night. I'll keep you guys posted... Once again, Brand Nubian....!!!