They hear me knockin...!!

EULThat's right, they hear it and they can now see it. When I started to look for clientele out on Staten Island I began looking for lounges and nightclubs and one club stood out to me because of how it looked online. The club was/ is Eve Ultra Lounge, it's on Arthur Kill Road or Blvd... I can't recall right now. To see the images/ galleries on their website you have to create a profile and all that garbage and I wasn't interested. I just wanted to see the quality of the photography there to see if I could put my bid in if I thought I was puttin out better images. I decided to call to no avail, left very informative messages about who I was and my contact information but they never called back. I left it alone for a while, but got tired of driving back and forward to different clubs in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. I wanted to stay in my own backyard although I don't mind going to Brooklyn because I love Brooklyn and it ain't that far from Staten Island. I dug deeper, reached out to different promoters just to let them know what they can get for a certain dollar amount. I think the quality of my work speaks for itself, just reference my website is what I tell them. I'm just saying, don't chimp when it comes to photography, it can make or break you and your company. Get the good stuff now. I did a job for a group of promoters because what I saw on their website was garbage, if you call iPhone pictures photography then you must need a seeing eye dog. I must be that cocky because I took pictures of what I wanted to take pictures of because these folks know what I'm capable of. Long story short, I only took pictures of the musical performances because all that grouping people up to get a photo is stuff I can do with my eyes closed. Fast forward, I finally in Eve Ultra Lounge and I got those shots, plus people dancing which... like I said can be shot with my eyes closed because that's just what I do. It's not easy though, don't get it twisted.

Now, some people are cool with pictures like this below:












But why not do better and get this?:













Same type of pictures but one speaks volumes over the other, you know damn well which one is the better photo too.. Right, that's what I can bring to the table. If these club managers, owners and promoters out here are smart they'll do the right thing and I might not be better than the next photographer but I'm a lot better than what they currently have. They hear me knockin, open the damn door already...!!!