The 36th Anniversary of the Rock Steady Crew/ Central Park NY

9496716997_0f7edc9981Well, this wasn't the anniversary party/ celebration showcase at Central Park. This was a showcase at Central Parks Summer Stage. It was also the day current president Crazy Legs announced that he'd perform for the last time as a breaker/ dancer in the Rock Steady Crew. He'll still be a part of the crew, but like he mentioned in any sport or athletic game with all movements and wear and tear come injuries and aches. Crazy Legs became a part of the the RSC in 1979, I was only 3.5 - 4 years of age and I'm 38 now so I can only imagine how old Crazy Legs is. I'm sure he has at least 10 years on me. I was there to capture these off the hook dance moves, breaking and pop locking. Break beats, hip hop the way you fell in love with it physically. The foundation...!! B Boys & B Girls, yo... The B Girls were off the chain too, my goodness... Seeing these kids dance like this is magic, there's no other way to explain it. I was there shooting in the pit for Noisemaker Media, look us up.. We're the best out there... This show took place on a Wednesday night and if any of you really know me you all know that photography is just a weekend thing for me. All of the energy I got there with was gone within 2 hours, my feet were killing me and I was dressed very uncomfortably. I left my day job a little early to try and make the 5PM call time to no avail. No, I was actually there before 5PM but I was on the wrong side of the park and not to mention when I got to the gate the security guard wouldn't let me in even though I was part of the media team covering the event. I had on black slacks and a grey t-shirt looking crazy but I was still able to do a good job and capture some awesome shots.

9496719537_27241ba55b1,400 shutter clicks later i'm still culling, color correcting and editing the images from that night. I had 900 on one card and about 500 on the other card. I'll try my best to clean off that other card before the week is out, definitely some website & newspaper worthy stuff in there. Y'all stay tuned and if you're in Central Park and you see us make sure you holla at us.