This is an audition, kinda sorta...

Samples_4When I first began this journey I had no clue as to what kind of photographer I wanted to be, I was going to try any and everything and only service people with what I was very good at. I thought model stuff was cool but I began to hate it because it involved too many parties, hair, stylist, make up and all kinds of other people that can never all get to the location at the same time. Event photography seemed to become my favorite but you can end up working for 3-4 different people and that can become crazy. There are so many other genres of photography I've entertained that the verbage for this entry would be 2 pages long. Let's just bring it back to the feature image which is one of my wifes shoes, that's right... product photography. Doesn't involve make up and hair but could require an assistant and a stylist which isn't bad. I got a call regarding potentially working for a big name if I were capable of shooting products in the style they've been accustomed to showcasing on their site and in magazines. Now, I've shot products in the past but I wouldn't call product photography my stronger skill set/ talent. It's not something I've been asked to do a lot so I don't practice it often BUT when a certain company asks to see a sample I tend to drop everything and pick up the camera, lol.

The potential client and I exchanged emails and I was very upset to tell her that I couldn't send her any samples of my product stuff until I got home for the images were saved on my home computer. I do have a friend I've shot products for but  her website was down at the time so I couldn't pull anything from her site. I did the next best thing, I ran home and set the studio up and started shooting. I shot images of products along the lines of what the company featured on their website hoping I'd get that call stating that I've been chosen.. I found a couple things in my studio and shot them, made lighting adjustments to whatever had a reflective surface just so I had something to send as samples. I shot the box to my 50mm lens, some furniture wipes and of course my wifes shoe at 2-3 different angles. It took a while to get the exposures I wanted again because I don't do this type of photography often but I got a good look after about 22-25 exposures and adjustments.

I've already put together a proposal and everything, just waiting to hear back from the person I exchanged emails with. Who knows....?