That sweet 50mm f1.4

DSC_3129A couple weeks ago I was having this conversation with myself regarding lenses and a certain lens that I keep forgetting to put in my bag when I go out to shoot. A couple weeks ago my wife, son & I went to Clove Lakes Park to walk around and get some fresh air BUT YOU KNOW I HAD TO BRING THE CAMERA WITH ME. I took some great photos of my wife and son as he's trying to walk these days. Gave my wife the camera and she took some fantastic images of my son and I that I will post shortly. Every time I look at them I get a lil teary eyed because..... Well, when you see them you'll feel that way too. Lol, I wanted to create this entry as an answer and an agreement about having that nifty fifty. When I speak nifty fifty, i'm referring to a 50mm lens. Whether it's a f1.2, f1.4 or f1.8 it's a great all around lens for portraits. I don't think anyone that reads my blog know what those numbers mean other than my boy Jeffrey Mark. Those "F" numbers are what we call "F Stops" aperture. I don't want to get too technical about it because I may run some of you away but the smaller/ lower the number, the faster the lens, the more light the lens allows into the exposure, the greater the depth of field. I sound like a nerd right...? I'll stop with all the nerdiness, but I thought this image was calling me so I created it. My lil guys Nike's... How cute are those sneaks....? Those are his walk around the house sneaks as he's almost walking, he can take a couple steps on his own and stand up all on his own with the help of a couch, coffee table, chair or someones leg. I leave for San Francisco next Wednesday for business purposes and I'm going to miss that little guy. I don't want him to begin walking on his own while I'm away so I'll be calm. I just have a feeling he's going to and my wife is going to call me screaming through the phone and I'll be so mad that I'm not there to record it... Those will be the sneakers that I hang from the rear view mirror in my car, just wait until I get back home Fwog Man....!! PLEASE...!!??!?!???!??!??!?!!!