#NoFilter #Filter

#NoFilterIMG_20130923_142818 I'm not one for phone-ography and i'm probably the worst cell phone camera picture taker but every once in a while I surpise myself. I just got back from San Francisco and the project I was working put me near some windows on a very high floor which provided some views to die for. A view of the Golden Gate Bridge, The Bay Bridge & Alcatraz. I was on business so I didn't bring my DSLR, however I did manage to sneak a camera phone picture or 2 in of my view. It's great for that little quick wall/ timeline update for Facebook & Instagram which leads me to this... I see post from people always feeling the need to hashtag that they're not using a filter or wearing make up. I say, take advantage of filters and make up... enhance yourself. Why not....? That's the reason these things were created although some people wear  a lot more make up than the probably need but since I'm not an expert on make up I'll leave that alone and just continue my rant about filters. Why not add some contrast to that image, why not fix the shadows, why not change the exposure, why not make the image sharper? Filters are a good thing, filters are like Actions in Photoshop and Presets in Adobe LightRoom. There's nothing wrong with making a picture that's great even greater... I guess depending on the person taking the picture, whether it's a photographer that's paid to shoot or just an average Josephine telling the world she looks that good just waking up... I don't know. I guess as a photographer I only want to send my client finished/ polished images. I want them to have the best, I want them to not feel the need to edit my images for themselves because I've heard stories of that since I've been doing this... I see digital pictures like I see shoes, a good shine says a lot about the person wearing the shoes and if polished images can make or break you I think one should continue making.  Attached to this entry is an image I took from the window office on the 44th floor in the building I was working out of.  A non filtered image and a filtered image, I can't remember which Instagram filter I used and I can't really tell which one looks better but I do thing the filtered one has a lilttle more uummpphhh to it. What do you think, to filter or not to filter....?


IMG_20130921_140520                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               #Filter