Yay, Diana let me borrow her 35mm f1.8

20131008_143530I've been debating on whether I should add this lens to my arsenal, or should i just borrow it from a fellow Nikon user and according to my co-worker... she may even sell it to me. I don't know, I just wanted to test it out this up coming weekend if I venture out to Brooklyn. That's still up for debate though, I'm still not sure yet. However, I have it and I'll be shooting something with it over the weekend. Either the festivities that are going to take place at my house or what I find myself getting into during the end of the weekend. My co-worker Diana is real cool, I give her pointers on things here and there on how to get the best out of her camera and all of its features. I feel good knowing that the little I know about photography has helped me help others do some amazing things with it. I was a student not too long ago and look at me now.... I'm teaching it. I think at less than $200 I probably should have been had this lens but knowing my ways of shooting I'd probably never use this lens and if you read my blog you know how many lenses I've already had. Exactly...!!! Thanks again Diana, I'll make sure I bring your baby back to you just the way you gave it to me. Nikon 4 Life Fam...!! LMAO