The Craigslist Chronicles Pt. 17

l35477-craigslist-logo-79598You might wonder what happened to the first 16 episodes, I'm wondering the same thing. I'm only bringing this one to light because although it's 3 weeks old it still shocks the ish out of me when I think about it. I'll tell you all the story but do know that Craigslist is a hustle and I understand it. You're buying new and used stuff from total strangers, you have to do what you have to do but off the bat I believe that the price you're asking should be the price the interested customer pays. Let the story begin... Okay, so I've upgraded my studio a bit.. I've purchased a few new items that'll help me create better images so out with the old and in with the new. Now, the old isn't going to sell for FREE and I've given things away before but making a small profit should always be the goal. I was selling  (4) Yongnou 460 II manual speedlights at $20.00 a pop in an $80.00 bundle because I didn't want to sell them individually because that's just too many meetings with Craigslist weirdos and I like one and done. I don't do deliveries nor do I ship, if you want to buy what I'm selling you'll have to meet me at the location I suggest. It's just like going to Best Buy, when you want something from Best Buy you just get up and go there or to any other store you like buying items from. My meeting spot for Craigslist weirdos is at a Starbucks, I have various locations... let's meet out in the open so if something crazy goes down everybody can witness it. A gentleman emails me stating that he wanted the (4) speedlights, we set a date, time and location and it was ON.. I'm so happy to get this $80.00 because my gas tank is almost on E and here is a chance to drive a lil mo. Fast forward a bit, I'm at the location on the inside where I ask the guy to meet me.. I even told him what I had on so he'll spot me when he gets in there. Here's where it got weird from the beginning of the meeting:

Weird #1: He calls me and asks me if I can come outside.... (NOPE, I told you to meet me inside of the location so outside of the location isn't an option)

He says he'll be right there and hangs up, he sees me and I stand up to greet him. He apologizes about his appearance because him and his wife just came from the gym. I'm okay with that champ, I'm selling you speedlights... this isn't a job interview. I pull out the speedlights and he pulls out his camera and batteries so he can begin testing them. I show him the features of the speedlights so he'll know what to do and not email me weeks later stating he doesn't know how to use them.

Weird #2: He attaches one of the speedlights to the top of his camera and fires, the flash doesn't react. I get a bit nervous because I thought they all worked, he tries again and nothing. I reach for his camera to check the settings and BAM... there's no memory card in his camera. I tell him the flash won't go off because there's no memory in the camera. He's upset and says he forgot to put the card back in his camera and asks me do I have one on me. NOPE.

He then says, well.. how do I know if these work? I show him the pilot button on the back of the flashes showing him that they do work but as far as the connection to your camera you can either run next door to Duane Reade and buy a memory card or just take my word for it. I don't drive around with memory cards in my car.

After the pilot test, he's convinced and can't wait to begin using them. He reaches in his pocket to get the money but asks this last question:

Weird #3: Since I had to pay a toll to get over here do you think you can give me all (4) speedlights for $60.00?

I grab my speedlights and begin walking out the door as I tell him it was a pleasure meeting him, take care.. He runs after me and apologizes, I tell him... "When you drive to Best Buy or McDonald's do you ask the cashier to give you a break because you drove a certain distance?" He says "no" and I ask "well, why would you try and do that to me?'. The same rule applies, you didn't have to drive from Jersey to Staten Island. You made that choice to come and purchase these items  from me. You could have waited until you saw an ad up there from someone in your City & State, that has nothing to do with me. He apologizes once again and says he'll get some more money out of his car. $80.00 later and a handshake i'm on my way back home but not before I stopped at BP to fill my tank up. Man, the nerve of that guy.... Like I said, I know Craigslist is a hustle but come on man... Try that with some other dummy...